Program BNN October 22, 2023

Monday, 3rd June

Tuesday, 4th June

Wednesday, 5th June

Thursday, 6th June

7th June

Summerschool Part 1

Round table: pros and cons of academic and industrial careers

Summerschool Part 2

Round table: responsible research practices and technology ethics

Innovation and Start-up summit

Round table: Tech-transfer Centers and Incubators discuss building an Austrian/European Innovation Ecosystem




Round table: Charting a path to safe and sustainable innovation


Presentations and Poster Sessions

TechForum Millstatt encourages academic-industrial collaboration and supports stakeholder engagement while enhancing Austria’s appeal to skilled workers. Explore the latest in biomedical device miniaturization, future technological trends, and innovation in health and environmental science.

  • Monday & Tuesday for approx. 20-30 participants from various Fachhochschule (FH), Universities and Industry. Hands-on training offered on various aspects including microfluidics fabrication, biosensing strategies, system integration, as well as biology-material interactions and organ-on-a-chip technologies. A pitch competition of students will be held and evaluated by technology scouts (winners will present their R&D projects at the main Conference Venue on Wednesday).

Our program includes workshops, presentations, and round table discussions, fostering idea exchange and practical research application.

  • ROUNDTABLE Monday: Pros and cons of academic and industrial careers[HR2] 
  • ROUNDTABLE Tuesday: Responsible research practices and technology ethics
  • ROUNDTABLE Wednesday: Tech-transfer Centers and Incubators discuss building an Austrian/European Innovation Ecosystem
  • ROUNDTABLE Thursday: Charting a path to safe and sustainable innovation
  • INNOVATION & START-UP SUMMIT (Wednesday) encompasses the entire journey from conceptualizing ideas in research and development to creating prototypes, transitioning to industrial-scale production, and finally achieving successful commercialization. During this event, startups will share their valuable perspectives and present their work to industry and network for funding opportunities. Key success factors like quality management and knowledge of regulations such as the Medical Device Regulation and the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) will be discussed.
  • SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (Thursday & Friday): Presentations and poster sessions from two leading European R&D Consortia (Endotarget and NextGenMicrofluidics) as well as universities and industries ranging from lab-on-a-chip, biomicrofluidics and organ-on-a-chip technologies.
  • Hiking to a local Buschenschank (farm/tavern)
  • Boat tour around Lake Millstatt
  • Conference dinner